Moon Over the Mediterranean

Moon Over the Mediterranean

Moon Over the Mediterranean

‘Moon Over the Mediterranean’ is the fascinating story of Alexander, a conscientious objector in 1960s Holland. He embarks on a lifetime adventure, travelling the hippie trail through Greece, India, Nepal, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and beyond. He keeps his sketch pad at hand , always has a good book to enjoy and engages in deep philosophical discussions with fellow travellers, as well as falling in and out of love along the way.

As he matures, Alexander becomes more involved with the world around him, helping displaced persons, building clinics, schools and rehabilitation centres, assisting children who have been abducted as child soldiers and abused in horrifying ways. Finally, he embarks on several monumental projects where he attempts to change the way people think towards bigotry and asylum seekers.

‘Moon over the Mediterranean’ is a feel-good book despite the difficult issues it confronts. It tells the story of one man’s struggle to make the world a better place and live a compassionate life.

Publisher: Brolga Publishing

Cover design by: Brolga Publishing

ASIN: 1925367894

ISBN: 978-1925367898

Pages: 200



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  1. Alexandra Seddon says:

    Your Moon Over The Mediterranean has some very strong messages, and I think it is very accessible to all ages. These are things that need to be known by everybody.

  2. Eric Leape says:

    After several months of carrying your book to northern NSW, Central Coast, ACT, through Victoria and out to sea in SA, I have finally read it.

    I really enjoyed it. I noticed your story had a long fuse with a fast ‘snap, crackle and pop’ at the end. It was intriguing to reflect as I turned the pages.

    I liked the suggestions for integrating refugees into countries like Australia and the humanitarian theme running through the book. Well done.

  3. Omar Gannesh says:

    The book is by far one the best reads that I’ve had in quite a while. The way you portray Alex is absolutely perfect. The gradual timeline through Alex’s adulthood gives an audience insight into the mind of an adolescent boy transitioning into manhood, which is something I could really relate to.

    I think it was the uniqueness of his independent and fearless outlook on life that really kept me reading. I loved being able to share with Alex, a journey around the world, which gave me a chance to experience the cultural differences of each country and also to learn a lot along the way. Excellent work!

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