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Geof Maher

Geof Maher

Geof Maher has travelled extensively through Asia and Africa and has worked as a SCUBA instructor, freelance journalist and aerial photographer. Geof has returned to Africa on numerous occasions to assist in water improvement and the construction of schools. He has written for magazines both in Australia and abroad and these days spends the majority of his time on the NSW far south coast with his partner.

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Needle in the Hay – Short Story

We thought farmers were struggling until we met Mustafa and his wife and the other refugees who arrived in our town

1907 Laurin & Klement Type A Voiturette

Wheels Across Tibet – a Screenplay by Peter Morgan and GJ Maher

From warfare to promises, Wheels Across Tibet tracks the inevitable rolling of modernisation into Tibet.

Sophie’s Violin is also a screenplay

Sophie is a high school graduate and violinist on the cusp of adulthood when her world is blown apart. She battles depression at every turn. Gradually a new-found love and an interest which he brings to their friendship give her the momentum to move beyond her tragedy as she discovers first-hand the healing power of giving.

Baboucarr Njie

The book goes international

Photos of readers…

The Wisdom of the Elderly

Where is the charismatic leader, the honest politician who would do everything possible to encourage all in society to become and remain a warm and welcoming group of people unique as Australians always have been? Where is this person? Why does politics so often attract mediocre examples of the human species?


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